US President threatens to impose new tariffs on China

US President threatens to impose new tariffs on China
Several measures against China are under discussion. US government sources revealed

Washington – US President Donald Trump has threatened to impose new tariffs on China, reiterating allegations that it spread the corona virus. According to the report, the Trump administration is preparing various retaliatory measures after the war of words with China over the corona virus. The bitterness with the US President on the issue of corona virus has deepened with China while thousands of Americans have lost their lives due to the virus. Lives have been lost and millions have been affected.

U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said a number of measures against China were under discussion, but declined to disclose the steps taken in the first phase, saying the proposals were aimed at Trump’s national security team and himself. Are not fixed at the level of the president. On new economic sanctions on China, he said there was talk of stopping and targeting China, while Washington maintained tightening ties despite the import of Personal Protection Equipment (PPS) from China. Wants to keep.
Trump has made it clear that he has concerns about China’s role in the spread of the corona virus and that this will be a top priority over economic agreements with China. “We have signed a trade agreement,” the president told reporters. Under which they had to export more and they are doing but now after the virus it has become secondary because the situation of the virus is unacceptable.
The Washington Post reports that some Trump administration officials have suggested that US loans be canceled in order to thwart China’s actions against Code 19, but Trump’s economic adviser Larry Codlow rejected the report. While saying that the US is obliged to implement the loan agreement on which the matter is over. “I can’t do anything different, I can do the same thing, but for more money by raising tariffs, so I don’t have to do all this,” he said. Earlier, I accused China of using every possible means to defeat me in the November presidential election.
The US President has said that he will do whatever he can to defeat China. Donald Trump has said that China wants its political rival to succeed so that the pressure I put on China can be removed. “I am considering other options in the context of the spread of the corona virus in China, and I can do a lot,” he said, threatening various measures against China.
He says his agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping to reduce the US trade deficit with China has been severely affected by the economic damage caused by the virus. Senior Trump administration officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: “During the war of words, there was an informal agreement between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping on a phone call at the end of March, which now seems to have ended. Earlier, in a speech at the White House on April 27, US President Donald Trump said, “We are not happy with China, we are not happy with the whole situation because we believe it could have been stopped.”
The death toll from the corona virus continues to rise around the world, but at the same time, allegations of corona virus between the United States and China have intensified. Corona has been described by Donald Trump as a “Chinese virus” that China Reacting strongly, Trump flatly denied the allegations. A secret report submitted to the White House by US intelligence later claimed that China had hidden the spread of the corona virus in its country and did not fully disclose the total number of cases and deaths. The Corona virus outbreak was preceded by a trade war between China and the United States that resulted in the two countries imposing billions of dollars in tariffs on each other.

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